The DNSist

DNSist (aka Domain NameService Assist) is intended to provide backup DNS service for cooperating ISPs and other organizations on a cost-recovery basis. DNSist members will be able to access one or more of the servers operated by DNSist for secondary nameservice. All you you need to do is some simple setup, publish a list of domain names that you want secondaried, and away you go.

All three initially-planned servers are up and running. (See the servers link for info.) There is still more to do, but all systems are usable now.

April 15, 2004: The first two DNSIST nameservices are up and running at two locations in the US.

May 20, 2004: A third site is identified and a server should be shipped there next week.

May 27, 2004: The third system is up and running.


Terms of Service
Some thoughts about terms of service. These are still open for improvement via one of the mailing lists sponsored here.

There will be a very low cost to use this service for secondary DNS. Charges are intended to compensate the host sites, and to provide for system upgrades as needed, and to keep the operator(s) interested as the work load increases. Follow the link for details.

Server locations and access

More info
More information, including mailing lists and how to sign up.

To Do
Things that ought to be done and things needed.

The name

"DNSist" is sort of a pun on "somebody who does dns" and "dns-assist". (You may notice that www.dns-assist.net also points here. It's fun to say "dns-assist.")